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What In The World Is Leaky Gut Syndrome?

If you are suffering from any autoimmune, inflammatory, achy joints, fatigue or any other chronic health condition you may be suffering from a leaky gut.

The common thread in all chronic illnesses, especially in autoimmune disease, is inflammation or inappropriate immune activation. However, before anything can become exposed to our immune system it has to pass through a barrier.  Most people don’t realize that the biggest barrier between the our bodies and the outside world is actually not our skin, but the cell lining of our small intestine. Most people that are suffering from chronic illness have microscopic holes in the gut lining allowing larger than normal food proteins and bad bacteria to be exposed to the immune system leading to an over zealous immune reaction that leads to food sensitivities and systemic inflammation of both the body and brain. Until leaky gut syndrome is identified and repaired, the chances of healing and repaired the chances of healing and recovery from the chronic illness are very poor. Here at Beyer Natural Health Solutions, we use specific lab testing we can identify if a patient has leaky gut syndrome and if so, what type and how to go about fixing it.


What Can Cause Leaky Gut Syndrome?

Below are a few things that commonly cause a leaky gut!


Things such as alcohol, gluten, casein, processed foods, and excess sugar. Medications such as corticosteroids, antibiotics, and antacids. Not to mention inflections, hormonal imbalances like a low thyroid, low estrogen, elevated cortisol. As well as brain trauma and metabolic issues with glycosylated end products for diabetes, intestinal inflammation, and autoimmune conditions.
If you believe you may be suffering from Leaky Gut Syndrome, contact our office today!

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